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I am a research assistant on Computer Vision at China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing. I received Ph.D. from the School of Electronic, Electrical and Communication Engineering at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015 and B.Eng. from the School of Software Engineering at the Tianjin University in 2008.

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Research Interests

My research topics include:

  • Computer Vision: Video understanding, event detection, trajectory analysis, action recognition
  • Machine Learning: Supervised learning, dictionary learning, deep learning

Journal Publications

Conference Publications


  • Visual Target Detection and Tracking

    Jianbin Jiao, Qixiang Ye, Zhenjun Han, Ce Li
    Science Press in China, 2016.06, ISBN:978-7-03-048579-3



  • Youth Project in National Natural Science Fund, Human behavior recognition of complex scenes which based on depth-time trajectory characteristics, 2017.01-2019.12
  • National Key Laboratory of Opening Object aid project for coal resources and safety exploitation, Research on GPR image recognition algorithm which based on ADABOOST cascade architecture, 2017.01-2018.12


  • Ce Li (1/1), Excellent instructor of seventh and eighth Lan Qiao Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Competition in Beijing Division C / C ++ Programming University Group A(second prize 3, third prize 4), Lan Qiao Cup National software and information Technical professional competition, 2017、2018
  • Ce Li (4/12), "Underground Risk Assessment and Management System Innovation and Practice in Urban Road" project won the first prize of the thirty-first session of the Beijing Municipal Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement(Provincial and ministerial level first prize), Beijing Municipal Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement Review Committee, Natural Science, 2016
  • Ce Li (1/7), "Underground risk rapid detection technology's research and development and application in urban road collapse" project by the Chinese production and research cooperation innovation achievement award(Provincial and ministerial level three prize), China Association for the Promotion of Production and Research, 2016
  • Ce Li, Outstanding Graduate Award, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, 2015
  • Ce Li, Excellent Ph.D of Zhuli Yuehua Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2014
  • Ce Li, Outstanding Dean Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2013